About Us

The Edinburg Advocate Was Created To serve the residents of Edinburg

For too long, this vibrant community has lacked a large and strong voice for all its residents, businesses, local governments and other members of the community.

We present news and information without bias.
We present news and information with transparency.

We created this platform to fill the need for a credible, independent news outlet in Edinburg, Texas. We created this platform because no one else was doing it. We created this platform because there is a genuine need in Edinburg for news from every corner, from every group in one of the leading communities in South Texas.

With a fast-growing population, a strong business community, and an exciting community life, Edinburg residents have long expressed the need for a platform devoted to their community. With this platform in place, residents can expect to share and receive clear information about what is happening in this community.

We look forward to hearing from you. Whether it’s about your neighborhood, your church, your school or your community group, we want to know what’s going on. Send us your information. Have a complaint? Send us a Letter to the Editor. Have something to get off your chest? Send us an opinion piece. We are open to every voice, every idea, every person relating to Edinburg. That is the only way for a community news site to truly represent a community.

We don’t cover the world. We don’t cover the country. We cover Edinburg and what matters to the residents of Edinburg.

We have a small team of people working on this endeavor, but we are committed to Edinburg. In short, we are fiercely advocating for Edinburg and its residents.

Arnoldo Mata