Ranch Fest Celebrates South Texas Ranch Culture and History

Staff Report

Edinburg, TX, February 8, 2024 — Edinburg is gearing up for a day filled with ranch life and cultural immersion as the Museum of South Texas History hosts the 9th Annual Ranch Fest on Saturday, February 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event promises a unique blend of educational demonstrations, engaging activities, and live performances, offering attendees an authentic experience of ranch culture.

The festivities kick off with various demonstrations highlighting essential ranch tools and practices, such as rope making, cattle roping, horseshoe making, and the intriguing art of boot making by the Mandujano Brothers from Weslaco. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the traditional process of transforming mesquite beans into coffee and flour, courtesy of Cappadona Ranch.

In a bid to educate the community, regional organizations like the Community Historical and Archaeology Project for Schools (CHAPS) and the East Foundation will conduct activities such as arrowpoint identification and cattle cuts preparation demonstrations. For those intrigued by wildlife, a presentation on South Texas snakes, along with other pet-friendly natives, will be led by local snake handler Fred Zaidan.

Hands-on activities abound, with opportunities to engage in embroidery, painting, and even create a personalized cattle brand. The Cattle Kingdom galleries upstairs will host additional activities, including a game challenging participants to catch a cattle thief through clues and riddles.

For an immersive historical experience, Los Liberadores will showcase a 19th-century wagon and tipi. Buffalo Bill himself will stroll the museum grounds, offering photo opportunities.

Families attending Ranch Fest can look forward to children-friendly activities, including a book presentation by local author Patty York Raymond and a selection of ranch-related books available for purchase from PaperPie, a local book seller.

Art enthusiasts can explore and purchase western-theme paintings by local artist Isaac Guerra, while the Museum Store features a variety of ranch-inspired items, including heritage cookbooks, western-themed coasters, and ranch history books.

A diverse range of ranch-style cuisine will be available from food vendors, with options like roasted elote, barbecue favorites, tacos, chili dogs, and more. Dine-in seating facing the Ranch Fest stage on the museum parking lot allows visitors to enjoy live performances by local school groups throughout the day.

Ranch Fest is a free and open-to-the-public event that offers a perfect blend of education, entertainment, and cultural appreciation. For the latest updates, visitors can check www.mosthistory.org/events.