Letty Chavez Appointed Hidalgo County Auditor by Board of Judges

From Staff ReportsEdinburg, Texas, Dec. 18, 2023 — The Hidalgo County Board of Judges has officially named Letty Chavez as the new Hidalgo County Auditor, succeeding Interim County Auditor Linda Fong upon her retirement. The appointment, effective December 1, 2023, marks a significant step for Ms. Chavez, who had been serving as the First Assistant County Auditor.

With 19 years of dedicated service at the Hidalgo County Auditor’s Office, Ms. Chavez’s journey began after earning an accounting degree from The University of Texas – Pan American. Throughout her tenure, she navigated various roles within the Auditor’s Office, showcasing her commitment to financial oversight:

  • Internal Auditor for 6 years
  • Compliance Audit Supervisor for 6 years
  • Director of Audit for 5 years
  • First Assistant Auditor for 2 years

Expressing her passion for auditing and commitment to Hidalgo County, Ms. Chavez stated, “I grew a passion for working as an auditor at the Hidalgo County Auditor’s Office, so I decided to make Hidalgo County my work home and being an auditor a career. The passion allowed me to work my way up to the top and has challenged me to maximize my potential as an auditor.”

The Board of Judges’ appointment comes with a two-year term, during which Ms. Chavez will be tasked with the strict enforcement of county finance laws in her role as County Auditor. As she takes on this responsibility, the community looks forward to the continued dedication and expertise she brings to the crucial position. The Board of Judges’ decision underscores Ms. Chavez’s proven track record and commitment to maintaining financial integrity within Hidalgo County.

The County Auditor is responsible for seeing to the strict enforcement of county finance laws.  Responsibilities include the following statutory responsibilities:  

  •  Prescribing a system of accounting
  • Overseeing books and records of all County officials
  • Approving claims against the County
  • Countersigning all checks other than checks to County Jurors
  • Providing monthly and annual financial reports to Commissioners Court and Judicial District Judges