UPDATED: 10-year old child dies, brings total to 4 deaths in head-on crash

Photo above: The vehicle driven by Sheng Li Jiang, an alleged drunk driver, in a two-car accident that resulted in the death of three persons. Photo credit: City of Edinburg.

UPDATE: Edinburg Police today confirmed that the 10-year old girl had been in critical condition but passed away around 1:00 A.M. this morning.

Edinburg TX, July 28, 2023 — Sheng Li Jiang, accused of driving drunk and causing the accident that killed three members of an Edinburg family and left a child in critical condition, will likely face intoxication manslaughter charges.

Edinburg police announced that 46-year-old Jiang facing three counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault. Edinburg police will likely charge him today or Monday.

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The preliminary findings from the investigation indicate that Jiang caused the accident.

The victims of the accident have been identified as follows:

  1. Luz Aurora Casado (Driver) – 50 years old (Deceased) – from Edinburg
  2. Maria Guadalupe Zavala Casado (Front Passenger) – 68 years old (Deceased) – Mother of Driver – from Edinburg
  3. Ellieana Santoy (Back Passenger/Car Seat) – 2 years old (Deceased) – Driver’s Granddaughter – from San Juan
  4. Shailey Rachel Martinez (Back Passenger) – 10 years old (Critical Condition) – Niece of Driver – from Edinburg

Driving the Chevrolet Silverado, Jiang is suspected of driving under the influence. He remains in critical condition.

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The accident occurred in the 2200 block of South Jackson Rd. at approximately 9:14 p.m. Emergency response teams arrived to find a gray minivan with four occupants that had been traveling south and a black pickup that appeared to be traveling north. Preliminary investigations suggest that the truck veered into the minivan’s lane, resulting in a head-on collision. Tragically, the 50-year-old minivan driver passed away at the scene, while the other three occupants were rushed to Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. Unfortunately, two of them – the 68-year-old female and 2-year-old girl – succumbed to their injuries and passed away. The fourth passenger, a 10-year-old female, remains in critical condition.

The Edinburg Police Department urges the community to remain vigilant about the dangers of drunk driving and to exercise responsible decision-making when consuming alcohol. Prioritizing the safety of oneself and others on the road is of utmost importance.

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