Precinct 4 Lights Up the Streets of San Carlos Home Sites

EDINBURG – Hidalgo County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ellie Torres has given residents of the San Carlos Home Sites Subdivision something to smile about with the installation of street lights via the Hidalgo County Unincorporated Subdivision Street Lights Program.  The San Carlos Home Sites subdivision was developed with 112 residential lots in 1946 and the residents could not be happier with the progress.

“This program is important on so many levels, and the county’s focus is on creating higher standards for neighborhood development that generates safer communities,” said Torres.  “This well-established subdivision is an example of the importance of updating the infrastructure of many subdivisions of this kind.  We are also currently improving the area with a storm water management system to mitigate issues the residents have endured for many years.  I believe that the residents have been pleased with the progress.”

An advocate and leader in the community, Mrs. Lydia Maldonado was instrumental in working with Precinct 4 staff in completing the application process. “I know that I and the residents are very pleased with the work Commissioner Torres has done for the San Carlos community. The children are safer walking to the school bus stop in the early morning and to the church in the evenings for CCD classes.  More residents are out and about in the evenings because of the street lights.”

The Hidalgo County Unincorporated Subdivisions Street Lights Program was initiated for the establishment of street lights to benefit the landowners by improving the safety, security, and wellbeing of county residents living in subdivisions located in unincorporated areas of Hidalgo County. Residents are encouraged to contact their respective Hidalgo County Precinct Office for information on the process.   Precinct 4 residents may call (956) 383-3112 for more information.